Hawke’s Bay Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Services Ltd are your local experts in heat pumps and air

conditioning.We can cover all your requirements to do with: air conditioning & heat pumps, system design & room sizing, sales, service & installation


Air conditioning

  • Single room
  • Ducted/multi-room systems
  • VRV systems
  • Computer rooms
  • Domestic & Commercial


Heat Pumps

  • System design
  • System sizing
  • Sales
  • Maintenance & service
  • Installation

Comfort for all of New Zealand

Are you looking for a convenient, energy efficient system that provides comfortable, controllable heating in winter, summer cooling and air purification year round? Are you worried about the continuing price rise of electricity, the uncertainty of long term gas supply or clean air regulations curbing the use of combustible heating sources?

The answer lies in reverse cycle air conditioning by Mitsubishi Electric.

Relax in comfort from burning summer days or freezing cold nights with up to three times the energy efficiency of conventional heating appliances. Mitsubishi Electric cuts your heating costs, and your budget.

Our extensive feature rich range ensures there is a model to meet your needs, whilst our contemporary styling will compliment any interior. All this with the whisper quietness you have come to expect from Mitsubishi Electric.

Everyone deserves a home where you feel just how you want to feel all year round and we are pleased to make it possible.

All heat pump systems come complete with remote controls which include: a timer, thermostat, multiple fan speeds and easy selection of heating or cooling.

Jeff Carr
Ph 0800 424328
Mob 021 351 991
Fax (06) 835 0313
Email jeffcarr@xtra.co.nz


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