What features do you need to look for?

Energy Efficiency
In a recent Consumer Magazine feature, air conditioning was noted as being among the most efficient heating options on the market. Energy efficiency is measured in COP (co-efficient of performance) that compares the heat energy output by the air conditioner compared to the electrical energy used. The Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GE25-VA
for example has one of the best ratings in the industry with a COP of 3.81 and a star rating of 6.

Indoor and Outdoor fan noise should be minimal so as not to disturb occupants especially in a bedroom or living room. The Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GE25-VA and MSZ-KA25-VA indoor units have the lowest sound level in the industry at an amazingly low 21 dB. Outdoor unit noise levels must also be considered so as not to disturb neighbours in high¬density population areas such as apartment buildings and residential areas. The Mitsubishi Electric Inverter range features a speed controlled outdoor unit fan that modulates its speed to match the system load. This speed control combined with advanced fan blade design significantly reduces the outdoor unit noise levels when it matters most at night.

Inverter Technology for even more Energy Savings
Mitsubishi Electric Inverter technology offers even more energy savings by matching compressor speed output to your indoor heating or cooling load conditions. Energy savings of up to 27% are possible over fixed speed units as well as smoother temperature control and lower starting current. Mitsubishi Electric Inverter models also have the capability to run above rated capacity for quicker achievement of design controlled environment conditions under adverse outdoor conditions.

Sub Zero Performance
Many air conditioners do not perform when they are needed on the coldest mornings and the hottest days. The Mitsubishi Electric range has a guaranteed performance down to -10°C to ensure adequate heating performance on cold nights and mornings when you really need it.

Humidity Regulation
Dampness and mould are the prime destroyer of furniture drapes and chattels as well as causing unpleasant odours. The Mitsubishi Electric range has a DRY cycle function in the cooling mode. The indoor coil acts like a mirror in a bathroom collecting moisture and removing it via the attached condensate drain.
Air Purification
Sufferers of Asthma, hay fever and other allergies can benefit from the installation of our range. Most models in the Mitsubishi Electric Series utilise an air cleaning filter along with a “Catechin” impregnated deodorising filter. Catechin is a “bioflavinoid” that is found in green tea. This additive offers excellent anti viral and deodorising characteristics.

“Not all Heat Pumps are
designed to continue working
where temperatures fall below
freezing point”

New Look, Flat Panel
The new YV models sport a brand new look, which is so different from the existing wall mounted types you are used to seeing. Unlike conventional models with a grilled air intake, these models feature a smooth contoured finish with a top air intake that not only improves aesthetics but also helps to reduce noise as the heat exchanger area is fully covered.

 “I Feel” Control”
Fuzzy logic “I Feel” control offers extra convenience when setting desired temperatures as it memorises the choices you make on the “TOO WARM” or “TOO COOL’ button via the remote control and recreates them precisely every time the unit is turned on.

Auto Change Over
When a desired temperature is reached, the air conditioner automatically switches between heating and cooling modes.

Auto Restart Function
Especially useful during sudden blackouts as the unit will turn back on automatically when power is restored. (Initial set: On).

24 Hour Timer
On/off operation can be set simultaneously in 10 minute increments for a 24 hour” period.

Auto Vane 
The vane shuts automatically when the air conditioner is not operating to conceal the air and create an aesthetically flat surface.
 Swing Mode 
Automatically swings the vane for a more natural and comfortable airflow throughout the room.

Fresh Air Intake
Indoor air quality is enhanced by the direct intake of fresh exterior air.

Easy Installation 
All Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners feature a flare connection to simplify installation.

Low Outside Temperature Cooling
Thanks to the outdoor unit’s intelligent fan speed control, the inverter models perform well in cooling mode even when the outside temperature is down to -10°C. And of course, all models are capable of heating operation in the -10°C to 24°C temperature range.

Wide Cooling Temperature Range
Optimum cooling performance in a wide temperature range of 46 C to -10°C.

Air Cleaning Filter
Catches dust particles and contaminants to keep the air fresh all the time. Under normal operating conditions, the air cleaning filter should be replaced every four months. Use it with deodorising filter for optimum performance.

Self diagnostic Function
LCD of indoor unit can indicate the status of trouble by variable flashing or indicator lights.

Compact Size for 2 by 2 Ceiling
The SLZ ceiling cassette series is designed to fit perfectly for 2 by 2 ceilings.

Low Height (Only 270mm)
The SEZ AR Ceiling concealed series is only 270mm in height.

MXZ Connection
These models can be connected to create one of the MXZ inverter multi split systems

2,500 hours Long Life Filter

Soft Starter installed in the Outdoor Unit

Anti Corrosion Treatment for Outdoor Unit

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