The MSZ GE Series: Inverter control provised you with greater energy savings.

The MSZ-GE-VA Series is the newest inverter air conditioner line up available from Mitsubishi Electric, which feature highly effective air filters such as the Catechin type. This new line also offers quieter operation and has a distinctively styled front panel that not only looks appealing but also helps to make cleaning of the unit easier.

The MSZ-GE60-VA to MSZ-GE80VA models are designed for larger rooms requiring high capacity and energy efficient quick cooling or heating.

Cooling Capacity: 2.5 (1.1-3.5) kW
Heating Capacity: 3.2 (1.3-4.5) kW

Cooling Capacity: 3.3 (1.4-3.9) kW
Heating Capacity: 4.0 (1.4-4.8) kW

Cooling Capacity
Heating Capacity

Cooling Capacity: 5.0 (1.4-5.4) kW
Heating Capacity: 5.8 (1.4-7.2) kW


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