Inverter Technology
By controlling current frequency according to the desired temperature setting and outside air conditions, energy efficient performance is assured. Frequency is lowered when less power is required to substantially reduce electricity consumption for a more economical operation. Providing you with more economy and comfort throughout the year. inverter control presents an ideal situation as it reduces compressor rotation speed when the air conditioning load is low so it’s like using a small compressor with a large heat exchange unit.

Concentrated Winding DC Motor Compressor 
(Linked Core Type)

The newly developed concentrated winding DC motor (linked core type) is friendly to the environment as it uses less copper wiring than a conventional motor winding. This motor features a new high density. concentrated winding method that raises motor efficiency to 96 percent

Magnetic Flux Vector Sine Wave Drive
The compressor motor adopts sensor less flux vector control that uses a 32 bit RISC (reduced instruction set computer) microprocessor. By converting the motors electrical current waveforrn from the conventional waveform (120 conductance) to a sine wave (180 conductance). this microprocessor raises  the motor winding utilization ratio and reduces energy loss for higher efficiency.

Simple Partial Switching Method PAM Control
Compared to the conventional active filter method. simple partial switching method PAM control found on the new models in the line up reduces energy loss. When combined with vector control inverter. PAM control also allows for greater power and efficiency.


“Econo Cool”
Energy saving Feature*

This Intelligent temperature control feature that adjusts airflow interval to the body depending on air outlet temperature allows set temperatures to be raised by 2 degrees without any loss In comfort for a gain in energy efficiency.

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