Clean, Comforting Air
A Fresh and Healthy Ambience is always yours to enjoy.

Healthy Catechin Filter
Catechin is a bioflavonoid that is found in green tea that has both antiviral and antioxidant qualities. In addition to these benefits, Catechin also offers excellent deodorising characteristics, which is why Mitsubishi Electric uses this compound in its air conditioner filters to not only improve air quality but to also prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in the room. The filter can be easily removed and when washed regularly, deodorising effectiveness should last for more than 10 years. All wall mounted models are supplied with the Catechin filter; the Two way Floor standing/Ceiling Suspended models use optional deodorising and air cleaning filters.

Quick Clean Design (for MSZ GE series)
The easily detachable panel on the new YV models is a snap to wash and the airflow vents can be opened without any special tools for quick cleaning of the inside of the air conditioner. It is recommended that the air conditioner be cleaned regularly as this will increase both operating efficiency and energy savings.

Quick Clean Design reduces your electricity bill by approximately 30 percent. 

Always clean the heat exchanger, fan, and air vent to ensure proper performance and economical operation.
Electricity bill comparison of operation under fixed temperature with 8g of soil on the fan and one without. Based on internal company data.

Exclusive Quick Clean Kit (Optional)
The exclusive Quick Clean Kit can be easily connected to a household vacuum cleaner for quick convenient cleaning of the heat exchanger and the fan.*
*It is highly recommended that rubber gloves be worn when cleaning the heat exchanger as touching it with your bare hands may lead to injury.

Operating Status Monitoring
Monitor lamps located on the right of the indoor unit provide at a glance recognition of the

air conditioners operating status. When the difference between the set temperature and room temperature is more than 2°C both monitor lamps will turn on: if it is less than 2°C only the left lamp will light.

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